Erica McGraw

Meet The Visionary

In 2003, Ms. Erica McGraw accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Immediately after becoming a new creature in Christ, she began utilizing her gifts and talents in ministry.  As Ms. McGraw continued to serve in the church she attended, she not only became part of the publication’s ministry, but was responsible for the weekly bulletin, and created promotional correspondence for church events and the local Christian newspaper, as well.

Ms. McGraw has achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Information and Records Management from the University of North Dakota and a Master of Arts Degree in Human Resource Management from Webster University.  Ms. McGraw also has learned additional skills through many volunteer opportunities that have helped her serve and conduct business in the communities she has lived in.

In 2006, Ms. McGraw moved from Colorado to Minnesota. She continued to pursue her passion in communications and began learning the behind scene mechanics of TV broadcasting and production. In April 2009, Ms. McGraw was provided the opportunity to utilize her skills by assisting Dr. Dorie McKnight with the production of her talk show entitled, Cover Girls in the Church, which is broadcasted in Minnesota on community access television.

While in Minneapolis, Ms. McGraw founded The Computer Coach, LLC, which was established in 2008. The mission of The Computer Coach is to provide customized computer training to help others advance their computer skills to achieve their dreams and visions. She believes that the power of knowledge paves the way to opportunity when applied. Ms. McGraw is also the founder and CEO of Kingdom News. Its primary purpose is to help bring unity and build the Kingdom of God through publications and media.

In 2010, Ms. McGraw moved to Benton, Arkansas and has continued serving in the local ministries.  In September 2016, she launched Kingdom News Magazine (renamed Kingdom News Today in December 2017) which is distributed both digitally and in print formats.  There is so much more in store for Kingdom News Today, and Ms. McGraw is so excited to share it when the time is right. In 2017, Ms. McGraw became an author and published her first book, The Christian Journey.

Latisha Ewute
Assistant Editor

Latisha Ewute has been in ministry for 12 years.  She is part of the ministry team at His Way Ministries, Little Rock, AR.  She is the overseer of His Way’s Outreach Ministry, Awaken Hearts Evangelistic Ministry, and the Praise and Worship leader.

In 2016, she co-founded Kingdom First Productions.  She also joined the Kingdom News Today Magazine team and operates as the assistant editor.  Mrs. Ewute is the founder and voice of her video teaching series, Awakening Moments.

Her passionate goal is to please the Lord in all things, sharing the Love of Christ and His offer of Total Salvation. She is called to awaken people’s heart to the all-encompassing love of God and His Kingdom reality.

Angie Alexander
Assistant Editor

Angie Alexander is a servant and writer who lives in Jacksonville, Florida.  She is a mother of one daughter and a member of The Bethel Church where she serves as an intercessor, a children’s ministry leader and church school teacher.

She believes that her seasons of brokenness have produced a testimony to the unfailing love, grace and power of the Lord, and it has birthed out God’s true purpose for her life. More importantly, her seasons of brokenness have given her a hunger to be continuously filled by God and to do what He has called her to do. Her hope is for her writing to draw people closer to God.