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Kingdom News is dedicated to Promoting the Kingdom of God, by Shining Light on the Darkness of this World.

Mission & Vision

The vision for Kingdom News was given to its visionary in 2009.  Since then the vision has slightly changed as to how the mission and vision are to be accomplished.  In 2009, Kingdom News was going to be a promotional company to promote Kingdom Events and share the heart of the visionary behind the events.  Video was the medium in which was going to be used to share the message and promote the Kingdom of God.

In April 2010, the visionary of Kingdom News moved and began to carry the original vision; however, things just didn’t work out and the vision was dormant for years.  In May 2016, the Lord resurrected the vision and told the visionary that Kingdom News was going to become a magazine.  He gave specific instructions and shared with the visionary who to reach out to.  In September 2016, the first edition of Kingdom New was launched.  In December 2017, the name changed to Kingdom News Today and we are continuing to strong.



2020 09 Sept 17
2020 06 Jun Vol 16
2020 03 Mar Vol 15
2019 12 Dec Vol 14